Need To Know

What You Need To Know To Hire a Plumber

There are many companies claiming that they will do great work, but how well do you know them?  If you are unsure when hiring a company to do any work in your house or business, here are some questions you should ask when you hire a Plumber.

  1. Check out the company on Better Business Bureau.
  2. Look up the business on the Illinois state website. They have to be listed, if not, they are not a legit business nor paying their taxes.
  3. If they are a plumber, ask them for their plumber’s card.  No-one should be doing any plumbing work if they are NOT a license plumber by the state of Illinois.  Sometimes they use a real plumber’s certification paper just to approve a permit, but it is not the same person doing the work. They HAVE to show you their license if you ask.
  4. When doing any work, the company should send you a copy of their insurance.  If they do not have any insurance and something happens, you will be faulted.
  5. Ask if they hire sub-contractors. This means that an individual or in many cases a business signs a contract to perform part of the obligations of another’s contract. You will then need to re-ask all the above questions. The contractor you hire originally won’t be able to help you if something goes wrong with the sub-contractor. Find a company that has all their workers as employees (weekly pay checks) and is insured.
  6. Check out the website.  Most contractor websites will not have professional photos of their work.  If you see that the picture looks too “picture perfect,” then it probably is.
  7. Ask for references of past clients.  If they value their work, they will have no fear in providing you with phone numbers.
  8. Ask them if they have all the machines and tools for the job.  Sometimes you will get charged extra for them to rent out what they need.  Places that own their own machines and trucks are reliable and dedicated to their business.
  9. Get 3 estimates.  Don’t jump to the lowest bid right away.  Re-evaluate all your information.  Make sure that the lowest bid has everything included so there is no hidden cost. Compare what you are getting from each estimate. Having a contractor do quality work is best for you and your home or business.
  10. Ask who will be in charge on the job sites.  Some contractors will barely ever check on the job site once it is started.  If you have any questions while the job is in progress, who do you talk to?
  11. Check to see if the person you hired works out of a building. A lot of plumbers, contractors, HVAC guys work from home. If they have their own building, you are assured better quality, service and trust.